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Integrating Linphone and Siemens OpenStage 60-HFA with SIP providers

Moritz Hofmann
Moritz Hofmann

My employer is migrating to a cloud SIP provider called from an old telephone system. We are mainly using Linux systems and Android phones, so we’ve decided to use Linphone as a softphone client, because it is available for free. We also have old hardware phones called Siemens OpenState 60-HFA and I managed to setup both with fonial. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Linphone Softphone Setup

1.1 Linux

Linphone on Linux:

Connecting Target (Linphone) with a Phone Number on

1.2 Android

To get the correctly working Linphone on Android, please download the app store F-Droid first. Here is the link:

Inside of F-Droid, search for Linphone and download the application.

When you set up the SIP account for Linphone Android, just enter the fonial SIP details like you did in the Linphone on Linux account.

Select UDP instead of TLS for the transport protocol during setup.

Inside of the settings for the SIP account choose “Replace + with 00” and leave the “Prefix” setting empty.

You will create a new target in fonial for your Android Linphone account. Don’t forget to assign it to a phone number. Now that you have two targets, you can set up parallel ringing for both of your clients. Here’s how to do it:

Linphone for your mobile should work fine now.

2. Siemens OpenStage 60-HFA Setup with SIP Provider

2.1 Accessing the hardware phone through its web interface

We have connected our Siemens OpenStage 60-HFA using Power on LAN cables to our network.  

Check that you have connected the “Power on LAN” cable to the correct port. When you have done so, the phone should get powered on.

The first thing you should check is your network configuration. Go to Admin > Network > IP configuration. Our admin password was 123456. Then you will see the below screen:

The options should be configured as shown on the picture above.

Once you have saved, note down your IP address (or go to User > Network Information and note down your IP address there). You can access this IP address from any computer that is connected to the same network. Since this is the fastest and easiest way, we will do the rest of the required configuration through the web interface. I will walk you through it with a video. You can only open the web interface if you use https, therefore enter https://PHONE-IP-ADDRESS in your browser.

Video guide (how to access the Siemens OpenStage 60-HFA web configuration):

2.2 Configuring the Siemens OpenStage 60-HFA

Settings guide:

3. Direct Access (Durchwahlen)

“Durchwahlen” (“Direct Access Numbers”) only work internally, so if you’re logged in on your fonial account, you can dial the direct access number and you will be connected to your target device.


Moritz Hofmann

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