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Keep your Budget Phone Fast by Disabling OTA Android System Updates

Moritz Hofmann
Moritz Hofmann

Recently I bought three Android budget smartphones. The phone I bought before that was a budget Android phone as well, but it only held up for 2-3 years, because with newer Android versions, the phone stopped working smoothly and got slow.

So for my new Android smartphones, I wanted to fix that problem, if possible. I believe my old phone got slow due to the automatic system updates. If possible at all (maybe by downloading a phone image), it is very hard to roll back system updates on an Android smartphone. So this time, I decided to disable system updates on my phones from the start. So far it has been working great. Here's how I did it.

How to disable over-the-air updates on your Android smartphone (system updates):

  1. Disable automatic system updates Android
Pull up Settings and scroll down until you see the “About phone” section. Tap on that. Then, tap on the “Software Information” section, and scroll down until you see “Build Number.” Start tapping on that section until your device says that you’ve enabled “Developer mode.”

Then, head back to your primary Settings screen and scroll down. You should see a new “Developer options” section near “About phone.” Tap on it, and then look for the “Automatic system updates” option. Make sure it’s not enabled.

Excerpt from

2.   Disable the automatic system update screen on Android

First, install an app such as a “Package Name” app or “Package Disabler Pro” (I used this, but it’s not free) to identify the system package on your Android phone that is responsible for the system update screens. On my phone, the package is called:


The app “Package Disabler Pro” also claims to be able to disable the services, but for me, it didn’t successfully disable this system process.

So I used the manual found here and it worked perfectly. No rooting required! You just need to connect your phone to your computer.

Some people recommend against disabling the OTA system updates for security reasons. Regarding that I want to say that my old phone, which I used prior to my new phone purchases, had an even older Android version (6) installed and wasn't updated any longer by Motorola. Now please tell me in what way it is worse operating my new phones with a stale version 9 rather than operating my old phone with a stale version 6? That reasoning brought me to believe that the security risk is negligible.


Moritz Hofmann

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